Week 2 Recap.

August 10, 2016



August 1 – 7th I trained for over 13 hours and ended with an Intermediate distance Triathlon.



Although, I am pretty happy with the swim PR by 52 seconds for the 1000 meter swim, I expected my bike to have been a tad better 20.5 mph vs. 19.7 mph that I did. And I knew I was in for a suffer fest on the run.  Ever since February’s marathon my run has taken a nosedive.  

After the Austin Marathon I just didn’t want to run. I wasn’t inspired to run for more than 3 or 4 miles, and slow ones at that. You can see the valley in my running fitness in my Training Peaks Performance Management Chart (PMC). As a coach I know what’s wrong.  I am simply not doing the work it takes to maintain that kind of run fitness. 


Over the past few weeks I have been working on it. Incorporating Heart Rate Specific Zone training, hill training and some speed work along side my Long Slow Distance (LSD) endurance runs. Slowly, I have seen a rise in my run pace.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the 8/7/16 race.  So the plan to continue the run training is still in effect.


I can take some solace in knowing that in Austin where the temperatures soar and the humidity takes its toll, this same run on a 65 degree day rather than a 90+ degree day with humidity would look a lot different, about 45-60 seconds per mile different. But it still only gets me to 4th place at Jack’s Generic Triathlon.  To keep up with those ladies I am going to have to find another gear.


My next steps will be to be more consistent with my run training, and to really work those track sessions to remind myself that my legs really can turn over at a decent pace.




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