Membership Terms


  • Membership dues must be current at all times.

  • Members must attend a minimum of 1 meeting per year.

  • Members must waive all rights to photos or likeness on the website or any promotional materials.

  • Exceptional sportsmanship, character & attitude must be displayed at races.

  • Members must race / participate in a minimum of 2 races per year unless excused by a Physician.

  • Members have the option of writing race reports for the BPRT blog & website

  • Members must wear a Big Pistachio Team logo at some point in the calendar year of membership. (Bonus points for wearing the team logo during a race.) Hugs, kisses & applause for wearing the logo in a photo during a race.

  • Members should expect hazing from the “Bust A” Nut.

  • Hazing of “Bust A” Nut is optional.

Douche bag warning! Members may be removed from the team at any time by majority vote of the Board for any reason. Members must kick ass!

Membership Requirements

Membership enrollment can happen anytime during the year under the following membership fee structure. All memberships expire December 31 11:59pm annually. Founding Members have the right of refusal of membership renewal of any membership candidate.

Jan 1 – March 31 $99.00
April 1- June 30 $75.00
July 1 – September 30 $50.00
October 1 – December 31 $25.00

All membership fees are subject to change.

Big Pistachio Racing Satellite Teams

  Volunteer to be a Satellite Team Captain - Nut Leader!
                        Dedicated Group Workout Calendar
                        Dedicated Weekly Group Workout Schedule email
                        Access to post on Big Pistachio Racing FB page
                        Support from Coach Erin for Satellite Coaching and Training 
            Recruit other Nuts to your team.
                        All athletes have access to Members Only area of website
                        All athletes featured on Team website and Social Media
                        All athletes have access to purchase team kits and logo’d apparel
                        Invites to all Team Races (Includes Ironman 70.6 and Ironman 140.6)
            Get written workouts from Coach Erin for your group workouts
           Perks & Support! 
                       Recruit 4 active members – Get a Team Logo Banner
                       Recruit 6 active members –
                                  Coach Erin will come to your town for a training camp weekend.
                       Recruit 8 active members – Get 6pack of Team signs
                       Recruit 10 active members  - Get a Big Pistachio Team Rally Flag
                       Recruit 15 active members – Get a Logo’d Team 10x10 Tent

For more information on our Satellite teams email Erin Truslow



New candidates may apply for membership with a recommendation from an active member & two approvals from active founding members. All new candidates must pay enrollment fees in full prior to becoming a group member.

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