December 2016 Contributor to The Evolution of the Foam Roller by Ashley Lauretta for Under Armor 


April 2014 Featured Contributer to Total Mommy Fitness online digital magazine available on iTunes. 


February 2014 - Austin American Statesman

February 2014 - Featured Contributer to Austin Fitness Magazine

October 2013 Featured Contributer to Total Mommy Fitness online digital magazine available on itunes.


December 2012 - Castle Hill Fitness Blog - Truslow's Favorite Things

June 2012 / October 2012 - Castle Hill Fitness Blog - How a Triathlete is Born 
Part One

Part Two
Part Three

February 2011 - Castle Hill Fitness - My Attempt at Being a Yogi


February 13th 2014 @ 6:00 pm at Castle Hill Fitness FREE Tri Clinic for all levels of Triathletes, beginner to advanced. 


January 2014 - Featured Contenstant in Destination Fit's search for Austin's Best Fitness Program


July 2013 - Featured Master Trainer - The Betty Rocker 30-Day Fitness Challenge 

May 2013 - Featured Guest Speaker / Topic "Triathlon Training and Being a Busy Mom/Getting It All In"
Private Iron Girls Triathlon Training Group - Round Rock, Texas


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