What the Big Pistachio Racing Team is:


  • An exclusive team.

  • A team of fun & good people who enjoy endurance sports and love to race.

  • An annual membership based team.

  • An opportunity to race with like minded individuals, share stories, training buddies, and moral support.

  • A source for years of racing knowledge & experience.

  • A chance to be one of the cool kids.

What Big Pistachio Racing Team is NOT:
  • A Triathlon only team

  • A Road Cycling only team

  • Open membership

  • A bunch of whiners.

Benefits of Big Pistachio Racing Team:
  • Getting to train & race with like-minded people.

  • Weekly Team Rides, Runs & Swim Group Workouts.

  • Numerous Deep Discounts on Goods & Services including Custom Coaching.

  • Sponsored apparel & shoes.

  • Access to logo’d apparel & team kits. (for purchase at cost + rates)

  • Team presence at Team races. (4 per year)

  • Team tent at Team races.

  • The ability to have a say over who is on the team.

  • Team Social Events.


We are awesome…
We do stuff together.

Erin “Big Nut Truslow

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